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Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle accidents, and the personal injuries to riders that result, happen all the time in California. Especially in our densely populated, high-traffic urban areas, cyclists are at constant risk. Cars are big, heavy, and made of metal. You, as a cyclist, are small, exposed, and made of skin and bone. It’s an unfair fight, and cyclists lose every time. Here’s what you need to think about if you have been in a bicycle accident. Keep in mind that no matter what the circumstances.

E-Commerce and Amazon Product Liability Lawyer

E-Commerce and Amazon Product Liability Lawyer Jillian F. Hayes has recently won a huge legal battle in the case for plaintiff Angela Bolger along with CaseyGerry’s Jeremy Robinson and Thomas Luneau in her battle against online retail giant The plaintiff unexpectedly obtained third-degree burns after a replacement laptop battery she purchased from exploded […]

Product Liability Lawyer San Diego

Product Liability Lawyer San Diego Jillian F. Hayes has been working in Product Liability law for years; winning several cases for her clients and holding all responsible parties to the highest standard. From automobiles and airplanes to treadmills and tools, every customer deserves to feel safe while they are using a product. If you have […]

Automobile Accidents

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Personal Injury

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Ride Sharing

Ride sharing apps are one of the biggest business ventures to come out of the 2010s; capitalizing on

Wrongful Death

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Dog Bites

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Sexual Assault Attorney San Diego

If you are here looking for a lawyer to cover your Sexual Assault case, I would first like to extend my condolences. I can only imagine how much