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College Sexual Assault Attorney

College Sexual Assault Attorney According to the CDC, around 1 in 5 women experience attempted or completed sexual assault during their college years. This is a pervasive problem and it’s not limited to women. Studies also show that 6.8% of men have experienced rape or sexual assault during their time in undergrad. If you or someone you […]

Movie Theater Accident Lawyer San Diego

Movie Theater Accident Lawyer San Diego Movie theaters are such a wonderful addition to our society! The loud surround sound coupled with the large screen and delicious snacks makes for a wonderful experience. They’re great to go to with family or friends, and they’re the perfect date spot. But what if you get injured in […]

Shopping Mall Accident Lawyer San Diego

Shopping Mall Accident Lawyer San Diego There are a variety of shopping malls in San Diego. They make for a great afternoon outing with friends or loved ones, and they seemingly have everything you could need! Whether you’re looking for a cozy fall sweater, a new dress for a night out, or even a cell […]

Pedestrian Accident Lawyers San Diego

Pedestrian Accident Lawyers San Diego As pedestrian accident lawyers San Diego, we know that sharing the road with cars, motorcycles, bicycles, delivery trucks, emergency vehicles, and large commercial trucks comes with many dangers. Crossing a street or busy intersection in California can be quite dangerous. A routine crossing can quickly become disastrous and cause serious […]

Bicycle Accident Lawyers San Diego

Bicycle Accident Lawyers San Diego provides an excellent environment for cycling. That is why many residents use bicycles to commute to and from work, run errands, and just get around. But, in our busy state, bicyclists inevitably face the risk of being involved in accidents. Many motor vehicle drivers are still not used to […]

Auto Accident Lawyer San Diego

Auto Accident Lawyer San Diego is home to some of America’s busiest highways. When a huge number of motor vehicles are all trying to share the road, car accidents are certain to occur. Hundreds of motor vehicle accidents occur in California every day, causing severe injuries and death.Fortunately, auto accident victims and family members […]

Truck Accident Lawyers San Diego

Truck Accident Lawyers San Diego you sustained injuries or lost a loved one in a truck accident in California, you may be eligible to recover compensation for the parties at fault. Truck companies have their own attorneys fighting for them, so it is only right that you also have truck accident lawyers San Diego […]

Motorcycle Accident Lawyers San Diego

More and more people in California are using motorcycles instead of other vehicles.

Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle accidents, and the personal injuries to riders that result, happen all the time in California. Especially in our densely populated, high-traffic urban areas, cyclists are at constant risk. Cars are big, heavy, and made of metal. You, as a cyclist, are small, exposed, and made of skin and bone. It’s an unfair fight, and cyclists lose every time. Here’s what you need to think about if you have been in a bicycle accident. Keep in mind that no matter what the circumstances.