Shopping Mall Accident Lawyer San Diego

There are a variety of shopping malls in San Diego. They make for a great afternoon outing with friends or loved ones, and they seemingly have everything you could need! Whether you’re looking for a cozy fall sweater, a new dress for a night out, or even a cell phone repair shop, shopping malls are the go-to place! But what if you get hurt in one? A shopping mall accident lawyer San Diego can help you get justice for your injury.

Possible Shopping Mall Injuries

Shopping is usually a fun and wholesome experience. You find some neat new things, you make some purchases, and maybe you grab a snack or meal. Despite the joy that shopping brings many consumers, the pure busyness and sheer size of shopping malls can allow for some hazards that could cause injury. Here are a few possible situations in which you’ll need the assistance of a shopping mall accident lawyer San Diego:
  • Slippery Floors: with people spilling their drinks at the food court, shoppers tracking in wetness from the outdoors, refrigerants leaking onto the floor, or even someone making a mess in the bathrooms, it’s common for people to slip and fall in shopping malls.
  • Uneven Flooring: people are also likely to trip over rugs that have been bunched up or floors that are uneven. Some malls also have a step up or down into certain areas and if that step isn’t clearly marked, someone could certainly fall.
  • Escalators: if the handrails are broken, the steps are not in sync, the entry mats are not functioning properly, the lines that demonstrate where to exit or enter have been worn away, or the escalator suddenly stops, an injury is possible.
  • Stairs: if the stairs are not well-lit, don’t have adequate railings, or have items left on them, they could pose a very dangerous hazard.
  • Falling Objects: when stores stack boxes too high or in a haphazard manner, they could easily fall onto a passerby. There could also be banners, ceiling tiles, improperly shelved merchandise, and unsecured shelves that fall and injure someone who happens to be under them.
  • Trampling: many big sales, such as Black Friday, draw such large crowds that it poses a danger to the shoppers. If the mall doesn’t have adequate security measures in place, this could result in trampling injuries and worse.

What To Do If You’ve Been Injured in a Shopping Mall

If you’ve experienced an injury while shopping, a shopping mall accident lawyer San Diego can help! Depending on the circumstances of your injury, you may have more than one claim — one for the shopping mall itself and one for the retail store you were injured in. If you weren’t injured within another store, then the mall itself will carry the blame.
A shopping mall accident lawyer San Diego can help you determine who is responsible for your injury and what damages you may be able to receive. These can include things like medical bills, lost wages, recovery costs, and more. Shopping malls are not liable for every injury that occurs on their premises, but they do have an obligation to protect consumers from foreseeable harm.

If the mall was not cleaned properly, the lights were too dim to see a hazard, there were not adequate crowd control efforts employed, objects were not secured, or machines malfunctioned, then you could be entitled to compensation for your preventable injury. Reach out to a shopping mall accident lawyer San Diego like Hayes Law and we’ll help you figure out the best approach for your situation. Schedule a FREE consultation today.