Personal Injury Lawyer San Diego

No one will ever know when they will need an attorney because the situation that requires one is never a positive experience that you plan out. While you will never plan to need a lawyer, you can certainly plan to find one in the case that you do need to obtain an injury lawyer. You and your loved ones deserve the best representation that you can find, so knowing how to find that representation is a vital step. So here is my four-step plan towards finding the best personal injury attorney in San Diego.

You are currently going through a major life changing event. While it is hard to clear your mind with missing work and needing to find a way to pay those exorbitant bills that are coming in, you will not get anywhere if you are aimlessly calling anyone with the "lawyer title" on their website. On top of that, clearing your mind will help you mentally prepare for the tough conversation that you are about to have with the lawyer that you do choose to call. We can certainly help you obtain clarity of mind, but that clarity will take some time to find, which is why it is important to take some time now. Taking this time will also help you with my next point, which is...

The more information you can present up front, the easier it will be for the lawyer that you do call to help you out. Collecting this information now before you make the call will help you determine the type of personal injury lawyer you need because there are multiple sectors within injury law. Not every lawyer will understand all of the ins and outs of every sector, so knowing the type of injury lawyer you need will help you narrow your focus and save plenty of time that you cannot waste.

While the reviews on their website might look good, you should remember that this is a place that the lawyer has full control over. That means they want to put their best foot forward to draw you in as a client. Luckily, there are plenty of websites that you can find public reviews. I recommend starting by reviewing the lawyer's social media presence and seeing what previous clients have said about them. While reviewing this information, you should use your own judgment to determine if the review being presented is a good resource.

This is an amazing resource on every person that is practicing law in the state of California. It contains the following information:
  • The year the lawyer was first licensed
  • Law school they attended
  • If their license has ever been suspended or revoked
  • If they have ever been sued for legal malpractice
You can go straight to the State Bar of California's website here: