Get the Compensation You Deserve if You’ve Been in a Bike Accident

Bicycle accidents, and the personal injuries to riders that result, happen all the time in California. Especially in our densely populated, high-traffic urban areas, cyclists are at constant risk. Cars are big, heavy, and made of metal. You, as a cyclist, are small, exposed, and made of skin and bone. It’s an unfair fight, and cyclists lose every time. Here’s what you need to think about if you have been in a bicycle accident. Keep in mind that no matter what the circumstances, a qualified injury lawyer can be of tremendous assistance to you if you’ve been involved in a bike accident.

What To Do After a Bicycle Accident

Contact the police right away.  Wait for them on the scene unless you need immediate medical attention..  You want to give them your version of the events as soon as possible, so that it goes on the record early.  The police will take down what you tell them in writing and later prepare a report.  You want to get that information in their hands, for future reference — for example, in an insurance or legal claim.

Try to get names and contact information for the driver involved, as well as any other witnesses.  Record license plate numbers and obtain the driver’s insurance information.  Also try to collect phone numbers and names of anyone who saw what happened.  This is valuable information for future use. The more detailed information you can provide down the road, whether to your insurance company, or to a judge in court, the easier it will be for you to make your case.

As soon as you can, even while still on the scene, record all the details of the incident.  You want to be able to refer back to exactly what happened, the exact location, the time of day or night, traffic conditions, presence of a stop sign, traffic lights, and what color signal at the time of the incident.  The more you can record, the less you have to remember later on. Remember also the other party involved may give a different version of events.  Do your best to give an accurate summary of the incident.

Even if you feel “fine” at the time of the incident, you should still see a doctor.  Get that medical evaluation.  There may be internal injuries or delayed symptoms resulting from the accident. You’ll want to be treated right away for any internal damage that may not be immediately noticeable and you’ll want to make sure that information is documented.  The fact that you sought out medical assistance could be a very important one down the road, during settlement negotiations.

Get in touch with  a California bicycle accident lawyer.  A good, experienced injury lawyer with expertise in the area of bicycle accidents will be able to assist you in many ways, including with your insurance claim, medical treatment and bills, a settlement package, legal proceedings, and more.


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