Product Liability Lawyer San Diego

Jillian F. Hayes has been working in Product Liability law for years; winning several cases for her clients and holding all responsible parties to the highest standard. From automobiles and airplanes to treadmills and tools, every customer deserves to feel safe while they are using a product. If you have become injured while you were using a product, you may be able to pursue damages.

Customers are facing product liability risks every day. When a person becomes injured because of a defect from a purchased product, they are allowed to seek financial compensation . Jillian F. Hayes believes that all individuals and entities that design, manufacture, sell, distribute, and/or play a vital role in bringing the product to customers  should be held accountable for any unsafe and defective product that they exercised some control over.

Whether the item is a faulty car part, battery that explodes, tool that breaks,, or a defective golf cart – if the result of using the item causes an injury or wrongful death, you should seek damages. Defects and injuries can be caused from:

  • Design Flaws
  • Fault Manufacturing Process
  • Improper/Inadequate Directions
  • Missing Warning Labels

No matter what caused the injury or wrongful death, product liability laws state that all parties involved within the distribution chain are responsible. It does not matter if the manufacturer or supplier took all of the right precautions – what matters is if someone was injured or died as a result of using the defective item.

Companies like eBay and Amazon are considered Marketplace Facilitators; a platform that allows third-party companies to sell their products. When a third party sells a defective item, Marketplace Facilitators will typically deny any liability to the injury or death because they incorrectly allege that they did not directly sell the defective product. Jillian F. Hayes has extensive experience in making sure that Marketplace Facilitators are held responsible for the defective products sold on their platform. She has successfully challenged their denial and has proved that these companies are a part of the distribution chain.

If a defective item you purchased online or in-store causes damage or wrongful death, you may be entitled to financial compensation. The laws in California are designed to favor the injured customer, which means that everyone involved in the distribution chain is held to a high standard of care. Depending on your case, you can recover the following financial expenses that you have procured from the injury:

  • Past, Current and Future Medical Bills
  • Lost Earnings from Missing Time at Work
  • Loss of Earning Potential because of New Work Restrictions
  • Property Damage
  • Physical and Emotional Suffering

Anyone that has been harmed while using a defective product may  seek damages. You do not have to be the owner of the product.

No, location and citizenship have no bearing on the product liability claim. Jillian has represented Mexican citizens, Mexican nationals living in America, and undocumented immigrants that have been harmed be a defective product.

Jillian F. Hayes has years of experience working on Product Liability lawsuits; using her extensive knowledge to win cases for her clients and ensuring that everyone responsible is held to the highest standard. If you or a family member has been the victim of a defective product, feel free to contact us for a free no-obligation consultation.

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