Sexual Assault Attorney San Diego

If you are here looking for a lawyer to cover your sexual assault or sexual abuse case, I would first like to extend my condolences. I can only imagine how much this is hurting you or your loved ones right now. As an experienced sexual assault attorney San Diego, I promise that we will pursue every legal option that is available to you. But before we make our first move, we will need to go over the hurtful details of your event and what they mean in the state of California and San Diego.

It is defined as sexual contact or behavior that occurs without the recipient's explicit consent. Some common types of Sexual Assault include:

  • Attempted Rape
  • Fondling
  • Unwanted Touching
  • Forced Sexual Acts
  • Penetration of the Victim's Body

Sexual Assault attorney San DiegoWhen people use the term rape, many people believe that a violent physical force is involved. Experienced sexual assault lawyers in San Diego know that the reality is, any non-consensual sexual activity IS rape. Any form of sexual conduct forced upon a person (whether it was physical, drug-induced or cunningly convinced) IS rape. When making a final decision, the state of California will base it on the victim's feelings about the incident. They will ask questions in regards to:

  • The victim's ability to give consent
  • The method in which the act occurred (force, violence, duress, menace, or fear of injury)
  • The perpetrator knew the victim is unconscious
  • The perpetrator knew the victim has a mental disorder or disability
  • The victim gave consent under misguided lead from the perpetrator
  • The perpetrator threatened the victim or another person
  • The perpetrator threatens the victim or another person with an arrest, deportation, or incarceration

No matter where the incident occurred, the punishment for the perpetrator will be severe. Sexual Assault is a direct violation of another person's freedom and choice. The punishment for the perpetrator  depends on the following factors:

  • Age of the Victim
  • Nature of the Sexual Abuse
  • Perpetrator's previous legal history

In a civil lawsuit, you can pursue monetary compensation directly from the perpetrator if they have the financial means available. You may also pursue monetary compensation from another entity that might have known about the incident. You will need to prove that the other entity knew about the Sexual Assault in court, but the right evidence can help you recover some of the financial burdens you will endure during this tough time. Items you can sue for include:

  • Therapy
  • Medical Bills
  • Missing time from work


If you were the victim of Sexual Assault in San Diego or southern California, we highly recommend that you pursue legal counsel. It is a tough road ahead, and obtaining a professional that is highly knowledgeable in the field will help you immensely. Whenever you are ready, please feel free to contact the experienced sexual assault attorney San Diego at my office for a free no-obligation consultation.