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Movie theaters are such a wonderful addition to our society! The loud surround sound coupled with the large screen and delicious snacks makes for a wonderful experience. They’re great to go to with family or friends, and they’re the perfect date spot. But what if you get injured in a movie theater? What is your recourse? A movie theater accident lawyer San Diego can help you get compensated for your injury.

How Do You Get Injured in a Movie Theater?

When going to see a movie, you may expect to laugh or cry, or even laugh so hard that you cry. But you probably don’t expect to tear up from an injury, right? Nevertheless, movie theaters can be dangerous given the darkness, small walkways, full hands of patrons, and messy floors. Here are some injuries that a movie theater accident lawyer San Diego could help you with:
  • Movie theaters are always dark of course, but if the walkways and stairs are poorly lit or the carpet is bunched up, you could fall due to a preventable reason.
  • People often spill their food and drinks all over the movie theater floors, but the workers should be on top of cleaning the mess. If you slip on a spill that has been there for a while, you could be entitled to compensation.
  • Movie theater seats have gotten progressively more comfortable over the years and some even vibrate and move! But if your seat is defective and was not properly roped off, you could be injured.
  • If a worker forgot to put away a broom or another item and left it in the narrow walkway, you may trip and fall on that object.

What Do You Do If You’re Hurt in a Movie Theater?

If you’re injured during your movie-going experience, a movie theater accident lawyer San Diego can help! In order to recover your medical expenses, recovery costs, lost wages from time off work, and more, you’ll have to prove that the negligence of the movie theater led to the injuries you sustained.
If the movie theater owner failed to warn you about the danger that caused your injury, failed to inspect and maintain the theater in a reasonable and timely manner, did not train employees properly to keep people safe, or operated the theater in an unsafe way, you have the grounds for a case.

Hayes Law is a movie theater accident lawyer San Diego who can help you if you are injured during your motion picture outing. If you’ve experienced an injury during your trip to the movies, schedule a free consultation on our website. There is no fee unless we win your case!

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