Injured at an Airbnb or VRBO Stay ⎼ What You Need to Know

Injured at an Airbnb or VRBO Stay ⎼ What You Need to Know

There’s nothing like a great, affordable stay at a short-term lodging provider such as Airbnb or VRBO ⎼ until you’re injured at one. Sadly, this can and does happen. In fact, the chances of something going awry at a sharing service host’s property is likely greater than at a traditional hotel. Hotel and motel owners have learned their lesson after decades in business. They, in most cases, have taken steps in advance to minimize the possibility of injuries to their guests while on their premises. The same may not be true of Airbnb hosts.

Premises Liability for Airbnb
Any commercial enterprise has a duty to keep the occupants and visitors at their facilities safe.  This premises liability, or responsibility, is pretty much universal.  What makes Airbnb unique is that they are not the actual facility owner the owner of the place you stayed at is.  In the event of an injury at one of their host’s premises, you may be left sitting in the middle, as the host and parent company argue over what responsibilities there are, and who must shoulder them.  This could include compensation to the injured party (you).

Read Your Airbnb Contract Carefully
Remember that you will likely have to sign off on some form of contract when you rent through Airbnb, just as you would at any type of accommodation, such as a hotel.  Beware of the fine print.  Read that contract carefully.  If there is any attempt to negate the host’s responsibility for your safety while on their premises, think twice about signing it.  They are subject to the same premises liability as anyone.

Contact Legal Counsel
If you are not getting what you feel is an appropriate response in the event of an injury at an Airbnb host’s residence, you should consider getting legal advice from a personal injury lawyer.  They will have thorough knowledge of Premises Liability cases and what you need to show in order to get the compensation you deserve.  It can get complicated; there are a number of components to a successful case.  But you are well within your rights to pursue a case if you feel you have been wronged at an Airbnb stay.

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